About the Press

Established in 2013, PUBLICA INSTITUTE JAKARTA, under the auspices of the Publica Institute (LPI) based in Jakarta, is committed to providing quality books/references for education and the general public. This commitment is continuously maintained and realized through various mutually beneficial collaborations between publishers, writers, and the reading community. Along with the development of time and increasingly wide competition in publishing, Publica Institute Jakarta has been transformed into part of PT Publica Indonesia Utama (PIU) starting from January 2021.

Then, starting in January 2022, Publica Indonesia Utama collaborated with PT. Ascarya Solutions Allianz.

PT. Ascarya Solution Allianz has been registered as a legal entity and is registered in the database of the Directorate General of General Legal Administration of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with Certificate Number: AHU-006761.AH.01.30.Tahun 2021. This service is a trusted name in writing services for the global research community.

Using the name Publica Books and the domain publicabooks.ascarya.or.id, the two organizations collaborated to develop an online book publishing system using the Open Monograph Press.

With the vision of “Connecting Publisher & Researcher”, we ensure that our writers receive only the best quality results and a superior user experience every time. This unrelenting focus on the needs of these writers means we never compromise on our quality systems and processes at any cost. Ascarya actively promotes all ethical publishing principles and encourages its authors by offering resources, services and support, educational, relevant and appropriate.

Information for Author

Interested in submitting to this press? We recommend that you review the press' section policies and Author Guidelines. Authors need to register with the press prior to submitting, or if already registered can simply log in and begin the 5 step process. 

After you finish reviewing the conditions above, you can register, and submit on the submissions page.

Information for Readers

We encourage readers to sign up for the publishing notification service for this press. Use the Register link at the top of the homepage for the press. This registration will result in the reader receiving the Table of Contents by email for each new monograph of the press. This list also allows the press to claim a certain level of support or readership. See the press Privacy Statement which assures readers that their name and email address will not be used for other purposes.

If you are interested in seeing the works of our authors check out our Catalog page.

Information for Librarians

We encourage research librarians to list this press among their library's electronic press holdings. As well, this open-source publishing system is suitable for libraries to host for their faculty members to use with presses they are involved in editing (see Open Monograph Press).